Executive search

Our key competence is to perform strategic recruitments of top level executives and strategic key persons.

One of the most effective ways of accelerating a company’s results is the strategic recruitment of board members and top level executives.

The key success criteria for a successful recruitment process is based on transparent and trustworthy collaboration between the search company and the client company and through a thorough coverage of the client’s strategic goals and future direction in order to identify the right leader with the right skills.

Board Search

A competent board is crucial for companies. In the future, the Board of Directors will be expected to provide a more strategic approach – involving both the old-fashioned control and oversight task, but at the same time it also largely involves being a sparring partner for the company’s top management. It places high demands to the Board’s competencies, composition and experience in order to contribute to the company’s value creation.

Executive Assessment

SGES has solid experience in national and international assessments of top level executives with focus on management, performance, behavior, potential, and other personality characteristics.

The goal of an assessment is first and foremost to create a nuanced and solid overview of competencies, strengths and challenges with both an professional and personal perspective. We do assessments of:

  • Individual assessment
  • Boards
  • Leadership teams
  • Leadership potential
  • Organisational development

Special projects

Special Projects helps the company maintain the right strategic direction in relation to current market trends and to identify and define the operational actions the company needs to take to achieve its strategic aims. Each project is thus tailored to the specific situation the company finds itself in, and the ambition is to create added organisational value that can improve the company’s bottom line. We assists in special projects in relation to e.g.

  • Global projects
  • Interim
  • Succession planning


For the past 20 years, our team have built up an extensive Danish and international business network.

We strive to be adaptable and communicative in order to maintain a constant focus on our clients’ and candidates’ criteria for long-term success.

Our team as a whole covers almost all industries.